LITT 2013 National Workshop – 3rd Day

The workshop entered its third day on Wednesday, 9th October, 2013. More participants arrived at the venue and had their registration around 8.00 am. Messrs Felix Azubuike and Ayodele Alonge briefly took the participants through the concluding part of the previous day’s practical session. The first session for the day started thereafter.

Mr. Felix Azubuike facilitating a session

Dr Chinwe Anunobi,  an Associate Professor of Library and Information Science anchored both morning and afternoon sessions. Her first paper was titled ‘Engaging Communities: What, Why and How of Connecting, Group Productivity and Collaboration Tools. Her second paper was titled ‘‘Engaging Communities: The What, Why and How of Creating and Publishing, Finding and Organising/Re-using Tools’. The two sessions were fully practical in presentation. Blogging, Twitting, Skyping and Organizational Management media were carefully taught. Issues concerning their account opening, registration, among others were practically done by the participants during the two sessions. As usual, the participants were allowed to share their individual library’s experience and some of the challenges faced in the course of providing cutting edge electronic library services to their clients. Several advises and practical solutions were provided by the resource persons and experienced professionals. Emphasis was more on hands-on practical.
The Chairman of the Section, in an interlude between the two sessions, presented a power-point presentation on Emerald insight Publishers, one of the supporters of the Workshop who gave free customised USB flash drives, jotters and 14 days free access to all emerald journals to the first 50 registered participants.
Dr. Ruth Anyanwu, a medical practitioner was also invited to give a brief talk about health issues to the participants.

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