LITT 2015 Updates

Highlights of Library and Information Technology Today (LITT) workshop held at KOGI STATE UNIVERSITY, AYINGBA
DAY ONE: Opening Ceremony: The highlights of the ceremony
Mr. P.I.J. Idachaba (Former University Librarian) emphasized the changing nature of our society into a ‘Paperless Society’.  He further noted that:
The world has become paperless
ICTs is into all aspects of life, economic, academic, politics, security etc
The librarian/library profession must not be left out
LIIT is the best platform for capacity building, which is much needed now to adapt to the current trends
This type of training add dignity into professionalism
He then advice all participants to be focused and make the most of this opportunity and finally congratulates all participants for coming and the organizers (LIIT) for providing this rear opportunity.
Dr Ukachi, Ngozi during the LIIT workshop 2015 at Kogi State University welcomed all participants to the 9th LIIT workshop. She commended the astonishing turnout and zeal of the participants.
The astonished turn out and zeal of the participants demonstrates a high level of commitment to the library profession in trying to eradicate the numerous challenges with the use of ICT

This year’s theme ‘Tools, Application (APPS) and Practices for the 21st Century Library and Information Services.  Since library users emphasizes on remote access to information through varying media, tools, Apps; the theme has been chosen to meet their needs. The workshop is purely practical (hands-on), which is believed that it will lead to national development in general and individuals in particular. The chairperson finally appreciated the University Management, University Librarian, LOC and participants for their efforts in making this workshop possible.

Practical Session
Topic: Tools for creating innovative and transformative library services
Presenter: Dr. (Mrs.) Chinwe Anunobi
The resource person introduced participants to WordPress and how it can be used to create stunning library services. They were Guided to create a library web page using WordPress, taught how to customize a library web page, introduced to creating menus & sub-menus, taught how to synchronize social accounts with library web page

Dr. (Mrs.) Chinwe Anunobi Facilitating the session
The practical continues tomorrow 13th October, 2015